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Model A’s that are… Buying Antiques!

I knew today was going to be a day full of energy, excitement, and of course Model A’s! My father and I had to wake up at 4:00 in the morning on Friday to be at the cape by 7:00. We were going to see the National model A show! On our way in we stopped at a local 50’s Diner for breakfast. I had yummy chocolate chip pancakes, while my dad munched on bacon, eggs and coffee when we had finished the most important meal of the day we quickly got back on the road.



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Let me tell you Cape Cod could supply the world with cranberries! Where ever you look you could see a cranberry bog! When we arrived there were so many model A’s I couldn’t keep track! There was every type ever made and more!

There were sedans, sedan delivery, coupe, pickup trucks and any other flavor of model A. there were even a couple of knuckle heads driving one without a body! They call it, “The All Purpose A”! Around lunch time we took a walk around the parking lot to glance at all the newer arrivals! There were more Model A’s than I could count! It was funny watching them come and go!

They would leave in flocks of 2-3 and come in herds of 3-4! At the end of the day we packed up our bags and headed home. We found it funny when we saw antiques buying antiques! There were a couple of model A’s sitting outside of an antique furniture shop. To my surprise we stopped at the Chatham light house on our way home! I really like this car show and I would love to play hooky again to see this.

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Christopher DeMarey

When I was just seven years old I started judging at the world-renowned Greenwich Concours d’Elegance. Since then I have become a regular contributing author to the Classic Car Club of America New England Region magazine and I have been published nationally on multiple occasions. I am now fifteen and on the board of advisors for the Classic Car Club of America NER. From Amelia Island to the Boston Cup I have attended many car shows, tours and events along with helping in the process of planning the Classic New England CARavan for this coming September. I look forward to one day owning my very own classic and I hope to enter my vehicle in one of the various events I have attended throughout my childhood. E-mail - chris@demarey.net